Monday, October 24, 2011

New chapter

The last few months have taught me so many things. More than all other is that i need to think about myself. I have so many worries i never stop to think about my life and who i am. In high school i remember telling my mom all my plans, she just looked at me told me to slow down. I ignored her which is what most 17 year old girls do, but now i am growing up so fast i find my thinking back to that day daily. This is my time to enjoy my happiness, strength and life! i plan to focus on improving on many aspects of my life, including professional, mental & psychical health, cooking =) and most of all happiness. I am slowly but surely getting closer to the real world, meaning life after college graduation. As much as i think i am ready to take it over, i am just as much hiding under my covers scared! let this be the time i learn how to live in the big bad world out there! Day 1 here i am =)

1. Learn to cook... better than i do now, meaning more than what college kids eat
2. Take time out everyday to improve sit and relax
3. Take time out every week if not everyday to work out!
4. enjoy my friend, family and boyfriend more =)

pretty simple goals but they are much more complicated!

208 Day until Graduations! 

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