Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Party day

Not until 2 years ago did I start to love st. Pattys day, then it became my anniversary

We spent it celebrating with friend and talking about the past and all the amazing things to come

Here is some of the adventure

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Chapter

I have been gone, for far too long, i asked myself why?
I am closing a door leaving the city and moving on has really crowded my time
Including my school work + 2 jobs! i am crazy ... crazy tired

through i am inspired to continue my journey into cooking, working out, DIY and fashion 



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Craft Tuesday!!

scrabble coasters

The Boyfriend's Fam Bam takes Scrabble very seriously. they even have multiple scrabble dictionary     which gets passed between family members as they dominate the bad speller (ME!!) Scrabble game. 
Doug'g grandma gave me a very sweet gift for xmas so i wanted to do something special! 

I wanted to make it on the cheap so i was hoped to find a scrabble game at a thrift store, and repurpose its tiles for these coasters. Sadly, I had no luck finding a Scrabble game throughout a month’s worth of thrifting trips. Lucky i found it at walmart for 8$ 

Cork-board 5$
Scrabble titles 8$ 
Hot glue gun 

Took me about 2 hours - Spelled out all the names of her children & grandchildren, then added a few drink related words (water, soda etc.) 

I was quite proud my spelling, HOPE she LOVES IT =))  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 what you shall be

2012 has always been a year in my head not because it's the
End of the world
But I will make big choices this, some I have been working towards for year others I feel right!

What is to come?

I am not quite sure but I can tell you what I hope for

Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was a year of growth and discovery for me. I truly believe it was an amazing year but also a very "in between" year. 

Went home for break then school started up, went on my boyfriend's fraternity's annual trip to Tahoe... NO one mention i was the only girl this year!! 20 guys- 1 Shelby. I least my boyfriend was the president so it wasn't took awkward- no sleeping on couches!


My bestie turned 21!! This month was full of fun, parties & love =)) 

Sorority Crazyness with being vice president and initiation. Also celebrated our 1 year! Douglas lavaliere me and we had a great time celebrating St. Patty's day (aka our anniversary). The rest of the month was spent STUDYING!! 

April & May 
Very little to tell, was taking anatomy so i spent most my time buried in a book. A few highlights include roommate turning 21 & Sorority Formal 

June & July
School out for the summer... i think... i took 2 classes over the summer! not so fun!

My SUMMER! went on adventures all over California from Tahoe (July)  to San diego to up northern California on a boat trip!

Should be called Sororitember! Recruitment Took over life. As my last year it was bittersweet to go through.

  My boyfriend turned 21!! yay .. he had a good time but had a little too much fun with the boys (6 stitches later)

 Aqua Delt Rush party (Nerds Theme) 


Midterms & Sorority Retreat to Tahoe!

Started Blog!! My 22nd Birthday, Wine tasting and homemade dinner

Finals 2011, Last full semester at SFSU!! very excited for 2012 to start it will be a big year!!

Happy New year's Eve!