Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Craft Tuesday!!

scrabble coasters

The Boyfriend's Fam Bam takes Scrabble very seriously. they even have multiple scrabble dictionary     which gets passed between family members as they dominate the bad speller (ME!!) Scrabble game. 
Doug'g grandma gave me a very sweet gift for xmas so i wanted to do something special! 

I wanted to make it on the cheap so i was hoped to find a scrabble game at a thrift store, and repurpose its tiles for these coasters. Sadly, I had no luck finding a Scrabble game throughout a month’s worth of thrifting trips. Lucky i found it at walmart for 8$ 

Cork-board 5$
Scrabble titles 8$ 
Hot glue gun 

Took me about 2 hours - Spelled out all the names of her children & grandchildren, then added a few drink related words (water, soda etc.) 

I was quite proud my spelling, HOPE she LOVES IT =))  

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