Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was a year of growth and discovery for me. I truly believe it was an amazing year but also a very "in between" year. 

Went home for break then school started up, went on my boyfriend's fraternity's annual trip to Tahoe... NO one mention i was the only girl this year!! 20 guys- 1 Shelby. I least my boyfriend was the president so it wasn't took awkward- no sleeping on couches!


My bestie turned 21!! This month was full of fun, parties & love =)) 

Sorority Crazyness with being vice president and initiation. Also celebrated our 1 year! Douglas lavaliere me and we had a great time celebrating St. Patty's day (aka our anniversary). The rest of the month was spent STUDYING!! 

April & May 
Very little to tell, was taking anatomy so i spent most my time buried in a book. A few highlights include roommate turning 21 & Sorority Formal 

June & July
School out for the summer... i think... i took 2 classes over the summer! not so fun!

My SUMMER! went on adventures all over California from Tahoe (July)  to San diego to up northern California on a boat trip!

Should be called Sororitember! Recruitment Took over life. As my last year it was bittersweet to go through.

  My boyfriend turned 21!! yay .. he had a good time but had a little too much fun with the boys (6 stitches later)

 Aqua Delt Rush party (Nerds Theme) 


Midterms & Sorority Retreat to Tahoe!

Started Blog!! My 22nd Birthday, Wine tasting and homemade dinner

Finals 2011, Last full semester at SFSU!! very excited for 2012 to start it will be a big year!!

Happy New year's Eve! 

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