Friday, December 9, 2011

Confessional Saturday -- i mean friday!

Confession Friday--- One day late OOPS =) linked up to Blonde Ambition
Start off with my worst first, when visiting my boyfriend's house (mind you its a 17 bedroom frat house) I know what ever the chief makes is gonna be “MAN FOOD” but the dinner last night was ----Waffles and Fried Chicken. I was dying to ask for veggies or fruits... but I wasn't about to be rude and ask. 

-After completing Registration for my last semester in college I figured out that really should haven't put off taking that GE history class sophomore year just to take major classes. Cheers to being down with my Major & Minor a semester before graduation
-I find myself thinking more about Packinggggggg to move (which isnt happen til may) than my finals of the week. Graduation stress is overcome me.
-Vacations of the year: vegas: 3 times this year Anywhere else: 0. to my credit I went different people every time & each one was to celebrate someone else birthday or graduation! But hey it was my VEGAS year.
-I bit my nails, by far the worst habit ever!!

Tonight I am meeting my best friend's new boyfriend and I keep thinking about how I should interrogate him. I am just protective lol. DOUBLE DATE --- showdown



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