Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall Break

This break was much needed but even more unexpected, for me going home has always been filled with joy of seeing my family and friend but most of all my pups. Through this break was the first time I was missing “where I live”. There are a few reason for this but thanksgiving brought me a roller-coaster of feelings.

Struggles with my mom

I have never been best friends with my mom, through she always been the best at taking care of me, protecting me and most of all humbling me. Through above all I lover her. Through in the last few years I feel myself growing apart, prep has because I am the youngest and she was very much done “raising kids”. I blame myself for not being the easiest teenager or the most interested in what she was doing when I was in high school but ever since I started college I begin to feel our relationship crumble. This came to head this break when I realized am not my mother, my life is different and I cant get her to do anything she many not be able. I just need to trust one day she will change. May that be today or in a few years, I am trying hard not to give up.

Submitting grad school applications

I am amid my process of graduate school application, I swear if undergraduate application were this hard HALF of us would just go work full time after high school. Anyway, I have the first part of the application submitted but I having the TOUGHEST time siting down to write my personal statement. I am afraid to say the wrong thing! Through I am optimistic about the whole process! I WILL GET IN...

Tahoe for New years?

One of the best part of turkey day it mean seeing my best friends from home, as usual we went out a few nights during the week, always a blast. We picked ur secret Santa, any suggestions on what to get a 21 guy who lives in LA and has most of everything!!!?!

We also decided we waited to go Tahoe for new years, my parents have a cabin, so we thought we take a trip! Very excited, hopeful it all works out!

Back to the my tuesday

Shine on

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