Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Hats

You can lose up to 40% of your body heat through your cranium - more during exercise - so a woolly hat keeps you toastie. But beware of getting too hot when you’re exercising hard - getting sweaty increases your chance of getting chilly later.

 trapper hats 
Bad hair day? this hat covers your ears, forehead and most of your neck. Choose a hat in beige or other light color to avoid looking masculine, because women's trapper hats can hide your hair, especially if it's short. Hats in bold colors can also help you to stand out in a good way.

My Attempt! 

its snug fit over your head and ears, women's beanies come in many different fabrics, including fleece, wool and acrylic. Some beanies are fashioned in stocking cap style

 Ear Warming Mini Beanie

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